Celalux 3 LED herdelampe

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Celalux 3 LED herdelampe.


Curing of all light-curing dental materials whose polymerisation is activated within a wavelength range of 450 – 480 nm


  • State-of-the-art LED technology with high light intensity (approx. 1,300 mW / cm2)

  • Wavelength range 450 – 480 nm

  • Graceful and elegant design (pen-shaped), weight of the handpiece including battery and light guide just 70 g

  • Indicates how much time has elapsed by vibrating at the start, and again after 10 s and 20 s

  • Easy to handle, cordless

  • Autoclavable 8 mm light guide

  • Constantly ready for use thanks to spare battery supplied with the device

  • Battery easy to change

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